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Is your confidence affecting your life?

Take it from me, a Boudoir photographer, a small independent Business owner of Whiskey & Lace Empowerment, and a Certified Life Coach. Confidence is a tricky thing. One day you may feel confident and happy and on top of the world and the next you are a mess and don't want to get out of bed. Or perhaps you are one of the folks that felt they had confidence when they were younger but now it has magically disappeared and you second guess everything or at least a lot of what you do. Or maybe you feel like you never really had confidence.

Do you feel like your inadequate, no matter what you do? Like things you do are just not good enough, or you are just not good enough. Is this a legit thing to feel or is it because your overwhelmed, or perhaps it stems from that awful time you messed up and became so embarrassed.

I TOTALLY get it!! I have been there. I have cried myself to sleep. I have had that hot shower where you sit on the floor of the tub and sob uncontrollably hoping the running water drowns out your cries from other peoples ears. I have had that moment where I have had to walk away from the moment and talk myself through the bad times. I have also questioned my own sanity. I understand!!!

Chances are you can talk yourself through, you can maybe find an ear to listen but these self-esteem issues always come back to haunt you. You questions if your good enough for your job, you wonder if your co-workers actually like you, you questions why your partner sticks with you......and the self-esteem issue never goes away.

What if I said I can help you. What if you took the chance and came out at the end with some tried and true strategies that will help you rock not only your own view of yourself but also how you think about the perceptions of others...What if I could help you transform your life?

If you lack confidence and find low self esteem is affecting your life, take that leap of faith, trust and believe in yourself as you are enough. I believe you have what it takes to continue along your path full of self worth, self love and a load of confidence. ​ When you are ready to have the life you WANT and DESERVE, please contact me for a FREE consultation and find out how confidence coaching can change your life.

The Key to Confidence is Action!

If you want to change something within your life, action is required to make the change otherwise life will remain the same. A real life example: if you want to change your negative mindset to a more positive mindset you need to think more positively. Intentional positive thoughts will help you to change that doom and gloom mindset. Your actions will change yourself, one step at a time. You are what you think, communicate, and do thereby if you change what you do, change what you think, change how you communicate, you change what and how you are.

Much love friends



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